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Local date is Wed 29th Mar 2023, 07:40
Local date is Wed 29th Mar 2023, 07:40

Forever Roses

The Forever Rose is a very elegant and sophisticated rose that originates from the farms in Ecuador. They are preserved using a clever technique so that they can keep their luxurious fresh cut look and vibrant colour for up to 3 years. They don't need the sun or water.

Forever Roses are presented in a square vase with 5 or 9 Roses. Vases may vary in colour. A perfect gift that will be admired for many years, adding months of beauty, elegance and luxury to any home or workplace.

Available in various colours and if you would prefer a custom made please email your requirements.  Prices will differ for the gold and silver roses.

Place your order 5 days in advance before the date of delivery. 

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