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Valentine's Day Gifts

Red Rose Flower Teddy

Rose bear, red rose foam teddy bear, gift box, Valentines Day, 40 cm faux bear,

Red Rose Teddy Bear covered with soft, faux roses. Dimensions: 40cm

Gift Box included


Cream Rose Flower Teddy

Red ruby Crown, princess, queen bear, Cream roses, foam rose, Valentines Day, gift luxury, teddy

Crown Princess Cream Bear covered with soft, faux roses.

Dimensions: 25cm


Red Rose Teddy Bear

Red rose teddy bear, valentines, luxury, soft birthday foam bear gift box 25cm made with love

Crown Princess Cream Rose Bear covered with soft, faux roses. Dimensions: 25cm

Gift Box included


Preserved Single Red Rose

preserved rose, single, gift box, last forever, valentines day, Birthday, red rose

The Rose Flower that will last a lifetime Dimensions: 30cm 


Cream Rose Teddy with a Forever Rose

Cream Rose Foam Teddy Bear, Valentines Day Special Gift, Forever Rose Preserved roses last forever


Crown Princess Cream Bear covered with soft, faux roses and a Forever Rose which lasts more than a year.

Dimension of Bear: 25cm


Valentines chocolates and flowers

Love is in the Air

artificial red roses, lindt chocolate, hat box, Ferrero Rocher, heart chocolates, Red roses, bouquet

From £20

Sweet Heart

Red roses, heart oasis, valentine, love red, heart shape

From £40

Just for You

Valentines Chocolate Bouquet with fresh red roses and Chocolate hearts.

From £30

Love is ...

B2B contract, Corporate events, table settings, heart chocolates, mini bottles, red roses

From £2.50 per bottle

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Bouquet

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Bouquet, White Roses, Gift, chocolates,

From £30

Pink Lindor Chocolate Bouquet

Lindor Lindt chocolate, Pink Lindor, Gift,

From £25

Please note, the following flowers and floral arrangements are a guide, flowers and colours may vary depending on seasonal availability.

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